Infantry Soldier

Are you looking for a part-time job while attending school? Are you getting bored of the office, and looking for something to add some excitement to your week? Do you love to work in a variety of environments, and conditions, learn new skills, while working within a truly unique organization?

Join the Army Reserves as a member of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles or Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, and serve as a member of the Canadian Armed forces. Train part-time with a military unit to gain new skills in a job unlike any other. Start out working one evening per week, and 1-2 weekends per month from September to May, with full time employment available during the summer. With no minimum obligation to serve, a flexible schedule, and all training paid, the Army Reserve is a perfect opportunity to give back to your community while working in a professional environment.

JOB TITLE: Infantry Soldier

Infantry Soldiers are the Army’s primary combat fighters and are responsible for closing with and engaging the enemy. They are the core members of the Combat Arms team, which includes Artillery and Armoured Soldiers.


The primary duties of an Infantry Soldiers are to:

  • Expertly operate and maintain a wide range of weapons, including rifle, hand-grenades, light, medium and heavy machine-guns, and anti-tank weapons
  • Use sophisticated equipment for field communications, navigation and night-vision surveillance
  • Inspect and maintain weapon systems, vehicles, survival gear and personal defensive equipment
  • Participate in airborne operations
  • Operate with support elements such as fighter aircraft, tactical and artillery
  • Engage in unarmed combat
  • Employ camouflage and concealment, patrol, assault, defence, and escape-and-evasion tactics.

Pay and Benefits

Starting pay is $96.06 per day with increases for time in and promotions. $140.12 per day once after completing training. See complete pay rates at


  • Education Reimbursement ($8000 lifetime, up to $2000 per year)
  • Opportunity to travel both in Canada an abroad
  • CFOne program membership
  • Opt-in Dental Plan


A successful candidate must meet all of the age, citizenship, and education requirements outlined below :

  • Be 16-57 years of age (parental consent required under 18)
  • Be a Canadian Citizen
  • Must have completed grade 10 high school education

No resume required!

To apply, complete the online application:

  • Go to
  • Click on Apply Now


To find out more about the Army Reserve or to inquire about other opportunities in your area contact your local recruiting office today!

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